3 Uses for Teak Wood in Your New Homes Spa Bathroom Plans

Teak wood is known for being strong and durable. It is also known for low maintenance and its ability to avoid water damage issues naturally. This makes it ideal for something like a spa bathroom in a new home. If you have been thinking about discussing a spa bathroom with your new home builders and contractors, here are a few uses for teak wood that you should consider discussing.

Shower Floor Drainage

You may want to stay away from stainless steel or any kind of exposed hard metal in your spa bathroom. In fact, some people may want to avoid using any sort of metal, especially in drainage areas since the look may throw off the meditative and serene look of the room design. If this is an issue you face, then consider using teak wood in place of your bathroom shower drain or sink drains. You won't have to seal the wood and as it dries, the natural oils can help defend against mould and other issues.

Bath Seating

Most spa bath designs have some form of bath seating. This is usually a stool located just outside of the shower or bath or just inside to give seating during the shower. You may have been looking for a bath seating option only to find plastic or metal as the option. This can throw off your entire design, which is why teak may be an ideal option. Not only will it flow well with the meditative design, it will also give you a comfortable seating option that will hold up to the humidity found in most bathrooms.

Open Shelving and Storage

One of the tricks to creating a spa bathroom is creating a flowing design that gives you the impression of the spa experience. This means using low lighting like candles, sleek lines and natural materials. This can be difficult when you are trying to create shelving options since most have metal hardware that is visible. If you choose teak to make open shelving, then you get an option that can hold up to the temperature changes in the bathroom and that will allow for a softer design.

These are just three of the uses for teak wood in your new home's spa bathroom plans. You can choose to buy the teak wood ready made for these purposes, or you can have it made for your unique design by your new home builders and contractor.