Common Bed Bug Hiding Place That You May Not Have Considered

Bedrooms aren't the only places where beg bugs hide, they can be found almost anywhere in the home. After feeding, bed bugs often move to dark, secure places to rest for 5-10 days. During this time they may lay eggs. This process repeats over and over, and could cause an infestation breakout in a matter of weeks. Therefore, if you've noticed any of these tiny, blood sucking pests, simply washing your sheets and pillow cases may not suffice.

Computer Keyboards

Bed bugs love the cool, dark environment of a computer keyboard and can often be found lurking beneath the keys, especially if you don't use your computer often and keep it in your bedroom. To get rid of them, remove the keys from the keyboard and wipe underneath with a cloth that's been lightly sprayed with rubbing alcohol. Do not use warm water, even if it's hot enough to kill the bed bugs, as it could damage the circuitry.

Alarm Clocks

Although bed bugs can be found in virtually every area of your home, the majority will be present near the bed. Bell alarm clocks are hollow, providing the perfect hiding place for bed bugs. If you suspect a problem, make sure you give your alarm clock and/or other bedside amenities a thorough clean. 

Backpacks and Suitcases

Hotels and hostels are often riddled with bed bugs. These unwelcome travel companions often get trekked from place to place via backpacks and suitcases. While you don't have to wash your bags every time you stay away from home, it's highly recommended if you've been out travelling or have suffered from bites during the night. If you're a frequent traveller, consider wrapping your backpack or suitcase in a large plastic bag throughout your stay.

Baseboards, Cracks and Crevices

Bed bugs are elusive creatures that will take up residence almost anywhere that's dark, hidden and close to human activity. Check behind baseboards, underneath any loose or torn sections of wallpaper, inside cracks in the walls, and in and around furniture. Use a torch to perform regular visual inspections, especially if you've had bed bugs in the past.

While you can kill bed bugs by washing all of your sheets on a high heat and disinfecting your furniture, a small amount can quickly turn into something beyond your control. If you ever notice signs of bed bugs, don't take any chances; regular pest inspections from a company like Promaster Group will ensure your home doesn't suffer from a serious infestation.