Not-So-Common Culprits That Attract Termites To Your House

Termites love wood because it is their main source of food. However, you may find that your house is infested with termites, and yet you have minimal wooden furniture in your house. Well, the problem could be that you have provided a habitable environment for termites. Below are some not-so-common culprits that attract termites that are often overlooked.


The mulch you have in your garden or on your lawn could be the reason behind your current or next termite infestation. Remember that termites love warm, moist and dark areas. Your mulch has these three basic needs for termites. It gets even worse if your mulch has wood components such as sawdust.

Termite-proof your mulch by making sure that it's not made from wood remnants. Also, avoid laying a very thick mulch because it will hold more water for longer and also trap in unnecessary heat. Also, aerate your mulch regularly so as to regulate the temperature and also allow it to dry quickly after you water your garden or lawn.

Shipping Containers

A shipping container or conex is often used for storage of goods and also for building shipping container homes. The containers are mainly made of steel, but have a wooden floor that is easily attacked by termites if no precautionary measures are taken.

It's advisable that you termite-proof your shipping container by applying a chemical barrier that repels termites. Also, you can opt for wood poison, which is a chemical used to make wood inedible for termites. Do not place your shipping container on the floor, instead, place it on an elevated place that is not wooden. However, if you have a shipping container home, hire a pest control specialist to create the right termite barrier or advice you on what to do to protect your house.

Poor Gardening Practices

Termites love water, and if the area close to your house is always moist, it will attract termites to the house. Keep the area around the house dry at all times. You can do this by ensuring that you don't get the area around the house wet when watering your garden or lawn. Also, avoid having garden fences that are attached to the house or get very close to it because the fence will act as a path for the termites to get to your house.

This precaution also applies to the garden itself. Leave a reasonable space between your house and the garden so as to prevent the termites from finding their way to the walls. Also, consider using a drip irrigation method to water the boundaries of your lawn, especially the ones near the house because this method does not wet the surroundings.

Termites will easily wreck your house once they get access to it. It's critical for you to ensure that you keep them away by observing termite-proof practices. For more information, contact a company that specializes in termite control like Expect the Best Pty Ltd.