Asbestos Management Plan | 3 Responsibilities Every Landlord Has Before Tenants Move Into The Property

Nearly one-third of all Australian homes have traces of asbestos. If your older investment property has traces of loose-filled asbestos, then you have certain responsibilities to undertake before you allow tenants to move into the place. Getting an actionable asbestos management plan prepared and following the instructions of the plan is vital.  This guide helps you understand your responsibilities to ensure that your property is safe.

Get An Asbestos Assessment Report

Every landlord across Australia is obligated to get an asbestos assessment report, which must be prepared by a class A asbestos assessor. This report must contain the location and type of asbestos in the premise. It must also assess the risks that result from this asbestos. The assessment report will also contain an asbestos management plan, which offers advice on safely managing asbestos. The asbestos management plan helps to prevent exposure to toxic asbestos fibres, so homeowners have a responsibility to follow the recommendations of the report before allowing tenants to move in.

Get A Licensed Removalist To Complete Actions Detailed In The Plan

Once the asbestos management plan has been completed as part of the overall assessment report, the landlord must arrange for a licensed and qualified asbestos removalist to undertake cleaning, sealing, labelling and locking loose asbestos fibres that were identified in the report. These actions must comply with all the contamination management requirements detailed in the plan. Keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the landlord to pay for the asbestos report and the requisite actions thereafter. As a landlord, you must provide a copy of the report and the actions undertaken to every tenant who moves into your investment property.

Undertake Regular Inspections Of The Property

A landlord is also responsible for getting new assessment reports and management plans every few years, depending on the specific laws defined by each Australian state. If any structural work is needed in the home, the landlord must inform the contractors before the planning work to ensure that the contaminated areas are not affected during the repair job. A copy of the report must be made available to the contractors to ensure a safe job. After any major structural changes are undertaken, a landlord must once again get an asbestos assessment report to ensure that no disturbance has taken place inside the home.

If you own a home that has been contaminated with asbestos, a comprehensive asbestos management plan will help you better create a safe environment for your tenants before they move in.