3 Mover Booking Tips You Didn't Know That Could Make Your Move Way Easier

Moving comes with its own set of challenges, and how you plan your move will be the difference between a hassle-free relocation and major inconvenience for weeks and even months after your move. This article offers you three little-thought-of booking tips that could actually improve your moving experience when looking for and engaging removalists to assist with your move. Read on to find out more.

1. Work with the movers' calendar

The importance of starting early cannot be over-emphasized; the more complicated your move is – moving interstate or intercity, for instance – the earlier your planning should start. While you're the one paying for the movers' time, it's often better to work with the movers' calendar to ensure that they give you adequate time and attention.

It's unlikely that a mover would turn away a client unless they are really stretched thin. Instead, they may accept the job but then send fewer people, making your move longer and more arduous for both parties. If the mover tells you it's better for them to come at a certain time/day, listen to them. Try to secure a time when the moving company is least busy to ensure that you get their undivided attention and the best crewmen.

2. Stay away from the rush

This also means avoiding the moving rush period, which is almost always the weekends at the end and beginning of a new month. Mover schedules are almost always fully booked during these times. If you're renting property, try to speak with your landlord about terminating your lease in the middle of the month, even if it'll cost you slightly more.

Alternatively, you can schedule a weekday move shortly before or after the rush weekends; talk to your landlord to allow you the few extra days in the house. What you don't want is to end up with a crew that comes in two hours late, exhausted from three other moves they've overseen that day.

As to seasons, most people move in the summer, so book very early if you have to move during that time. Otherwise, schedule an autumn or spring move where possible. Stay away from major summer holiday periods when people will be off from work and probably trying to squeeze in their moves for that time.

3. Get the first slot

This is especially important if you must have your move during peak periods. Suffer through the early hours and get the first moving slot available. Moving crews can be booked for as many as five or six jobs during the end-month and start-month weekends, and you don't want your home to be the last on that line. Remember that crews are made of human beings who get tired, and tired people are sloppier. Find out the earliest time of day a crew can come in and tolerate the inconvenience – it's just one day, after all.

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