Staying Fit | 3 Shrewd Ways To Maintain An Active Lifestyle When You Move Into Retirement Apartments

Who said that shrewdness reduces with age? You've led a fulfilled working life and you're now ready to give up your massive home in favour of a small, more compact space that is easier to maintain. Pat yourself on the back because this is a smart decision. But you obviously don't want to give up your freedom, so get even smarter with these shrewd ways to maintain an active lifestyle when you move into retirement apartments.

Stay On The Ground Floor

Even if you're actively mobile now, you must accept that you'll likely get slower with time. This can make it more difficult for you to reach higher floor retirement apartments. Lifts can break down for weeks at a time until the technician can figure out the problem. This can leave you stranded if you're unable to climb up and down staircases. Choose an apartment on the ground floor, so that you don't compromise on your mobility and activeness.

Get A Small Garden

Research reveals that a little moderate exercise for seniors can reduce long-term health problems by 2.5 times. There's nothing more therapeutic (and healthy) than doing your own gardening, so you may want to choose retirement apartments that come equipped with small gardens for you to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. Personal gardens in retirement villages are typically modified to suit the needs of older people. For example, many gardens come with raised beds, so that older people can plant flowers and herbs without having to stoop or bend too low. Similarly, drip feeders or sprinklers can be provided to ensure that you don't overburden yourself with watering. If you grow your own vegetables and fruits, you'll enjoy their organic nature without having to spend on expensive groceries.  

Choose A Village With Walking Tracks And Activities

Piggybacking on the research that healthy seniors are less likely to suffer from long-term health effects, you'll want to choose retirement apartments in villages that offer you the opportunity to be more active. For instance, some retirement villages come with walking tracks, jogging tracks, cycling tracks and a host of other activities that you can enjoy to maintain a highly mobile lifestyle. This will give you the opportunity to remain as active as you desire without having to worry about walking on busy pedestrian pathways or cycling on high-traffic roads.  

Staying fit and active is vital for seniors to remain healthy. Retirement apartments should reflect these features to ensure that you maintain an active lifestyle in your older years.